Welcome to the Arizona Health Literacy Coalition

We are individuals and organizations interested in promoting health literacy in Arizona. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Mission: Advance health literacy to improve health outcomes in Arizona.


  1. Increase awareness of health literacy and its importance
  2. Facilitate partnerships and collaboration in Arizona
  3. Facilitate the sharing of resources in Arizona
  4. Establish work groups responsible for creating their own objectives

Coalition Updates and Activities

Coalition members

Our History

In 2009, the Coalition was born when a group of medical librarians discussed ideas for Health Literacy Month. Jutta Ulrich, then with Health Guide America, proposed to identify materials and other like-minded individuals. Soon we had a logo, this website, and ideas. We were joined by Andrew Pleasant, Canyon Ranch Institute, Tucson, and Marti Lindsey and Pat Auflick from the University of Arizona. Marti and Pat enlisted Laurie Robinson from the El Rio Community Health Center in Tucson and others to apply for a small grant. Yamila and Anabelle Nunez helped create the resource website and the entire team put together three webinars for health profesionals, hoping to raise awareness of health literacy.

Presentation on health literacy, September 17, 2010, at the conference of the Arizona Public Health Association in Phoenix ( Andrew Pleasant, Canyon Ranch Institute, Tucson, an introduction to health literacy; Marti Lindsey, University of Arizona, overview of the HL toolkit for professionals; Jutta Ulrich, Health Guide America, introduction to the health literacy initiative in Arizona.

Three webinars on health literacy for health care professionals in October 2010 were followed by networking meetings and conference calls. We felt that sharing concerns and information was helpful. The next big event was the Health Literacy Training and Meeting on May 4, 2012, in Casa Grande. The purpose was to get to know everyone in person and exchange knowledge and experiences. There was a half day of training, followed by discussion of needs and possible next steps for the HL Coalition in Arizona.

Participants continued to meet for networking, with a group in the Phoenix metro area and another in Tucson. In 2014, we joined the Arizona Public Health Association for a training on health literacy principles, led by Evonda Copeland from Scottsdale Healthcare.

Steering Committee 2015

The Steering Committee has been meeting regularly in 2015 to plan activities. The Committee has updated the mission and goals of the AZ Health Literacy Coalition and is revising the website. For more information on the Coalition, contact Jutta Ulrich at

Interest Groups 2015

An interest group is forming around the topic of health insurance literacy. For more information, please contact Mark Martz, Arizona Department of Health Services

Coalition Members